We dig deeper, listen to opposing opinion, challenge assumption

About us

We are


Learning from our observations of objects, places, people, cultures, trends and behaviors’, we draw upon our knowledge base and inner experience when forming an approach.


Once ideas are conceived, we dig deeper, listen to opposing opinion, challenge assumption, look for connections and pinpoint the underlying issues. The key factor is the way we look to intertwine strategy and design to drive innovative thought, relying on creativity informed by deep insight to form meaningful solutions.


We skilfully get under the skin of our client’s business: its brand, customers and marketplace, placing our creative energy squarely at the heart of our clients’ ambitions. Author bring a collective business and brand literacy founded in authenticity and substance having worked on creative initiatives for both niche and major international retail brands.

The skilfully crafted work of Author produces impressive results through this marriage of sharp thinking and the conviction of our invention. By focusing on sectors we live and breathe, we have a genuine passion and in depth knowledge within which we can claim real expertise supported by specific research when required.

Our approach

We are a group of observers, thinkers and creators who want to stretch ambition with every project.

We believe that great brands should be consistent and authentic, standing for something that a consumer can identify with, be aligned to or can grow affinity with. In recent years a brand’s success lies much deeper than the product offer alone. Communication, building communities and membership are all seen as a necessary part of a brands identity.

A brand needs to stand out, stand-alone and most importantly stand for something that a consumer wholeheartedly wants to be part of. If this can be threaded through all channels and told in a believable, credible and compelling manner they become part the brands DNA, creating a genuine connection and a desire to belong.

The key factor when looking to create meaning and membership is the connection between strategy and design to drive innovative thinking. When we design we seek creative and strategic ideas that rely on a strong insight to solve problems; there has to be an opportunity to create a meaningful experience with purpose and ambition.

While the heart of the team is based in London, Author benefits from being part of the IDL Group of Companies and is able to offer a broader, localized proposition through the groups’ network of offices in Manchester, Edinburgh, Cyprus and Prague.