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Burt’s Bees

You may have noticed that brands are reviewing their visual code more frequently than ever before. Most noticeably in the past four or five years, speed to market with a pack refresh appears to play a larger role in overall brand activity. Advances in technology and social networking expose consumers to new ideas at a rapid pace, people expect some level of change on a regular basis. Rather than keeping the same brand language around for years, or even decades, many brands are acting more nimbly, balancing the need to maintain familiarity with the need to remain relevant by driving change.


Burt’s Bees have come a long way since making candles from beeswax and selling them at local craft fairs. Manufacturers of over 197 natural skincare remedies distributed worldwide through nearly 30,000 retail outlets, they remain true to a core aim to be the number one

personal care business in the world, whilst respecting and working in harmony

with their environment. We were invited to produce a packaging range for the Christmas holiday season that would be sold throughout Europe and parts of the Far East.

What we did

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    Brand Packaging

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