Igniting Brand Potential



People are social by nature and will be drawn to gathering places to share ideas and be entertained. It’s not just about making money, It’s about building trust. Engine was able to tap into this trend will be rewarded.

An enhanced experience allows the consumer to further connect with a brand, giving them space to learn, test and engage with a brand. The ‘club’ became more like a hang out – particularly of interest to a younger audience.

Working with GMG on this venture meant that we have been able to influence Engine’s business vision, ensuring its translation through the brand environment, communication material and tone of voice. Primarily, our focus was to provide a strong name possessing

the power to guide the brand holistically. Our ideas were based around a metaphor for the human body’s ability to work as efficiently as a machine. Creating a visually striking mark that conveyed movement and dynamism that then informed the overall design aesthetic from membership packs to the club environment.

What we did

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    Naming and Identity

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    Brand Communication

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    Interior Design / Experience

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