The Ultimate Chocolatier



Luxury brands are associated with products which exceed what is necessary and ordinary compared to other products in their category, we may think of these products as escapism, and so did the founder and his family who thought that such decadent and irresistible chocolates deserved an evocative name, they decided that Godiva conjured the perfect image to represent their luxury chocolate brand, the name Godiva is now synonymous with a luxurious chocolate experience and the Lady herself can be seen on Godiva chocolates, packaging and signage worldwide.

Tasked with creating a European Café and Retail model for extensive roll out we looked to capture that escapism by displaying the art of chocolate making and delivering an indulgence through golden counters, attention to detail and rich finishes combined with beautiful Belgian Art Nouveau references.

What we did

  • 01/

    Identity Application

  • 02/

    Concept Design

  • 03/

    Interior Development

  • 04/

    Bespoke Fixtures & Furniture

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    Environmental Graphics