Revealing Inner Beauty



The bond between luxury and quality is so strong that it could be said that the two words are almost synonymous. The luxury brand lives and breathes its products and their capabilities. Often a luxury brand will have a key product, a signature product, one that stands for everything showcases the unique or extraordinary skills of the brand.

In Ren’s case this is Moroccan Rose, with key attributes that project charisma and character.

REN are best known for their innovative skincare products. Utilising latest developments in skin-science they develop friendly natural products free of synthetic ingredients. As brand guardians, our remit covers an ever widening scope of work, from packaging design for main product ranges, special edition and gift packaging to in-store advertising, point of sale, online advertising and email campaigns. Our involvement has helped build and elevate the brand through consistently and effectively connecting with their loyal worldwide customer base.

What we did

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    Brand Positioning & Strategy

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    Brand Packaging

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    Digital Platforms

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