Beauty From Within



Gone are the days when ‘eating out’ would suffice as entertainment.

Today’s stores, restaurants, hotels and co-working spaces are ramping up “a sense of place” tapping in to the convergence of our work, leisure, shopping and social time.

Foodwell opened its doors to self-identifying global citizens seeking socialization and community united by a desire to look after our mind, body, the community and the world we share.

We worked with Foodwell in Manchester to incorporate an all-day  food and  beverage offer with work-space and flexible Yoga studios to create a concept with a more far reaching story  that goes beyond the product itself, encompassing a lifestyle approach as consumers become more interested in the concept of beauty from within.

What we did

  • 01/

    Insight & Strategy

  • 02/

    Naming & Narrative

  • 03/

    Brand Indentity

  • 04/


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    Packaging & Print