Galeria Melissa


Galeria Melissa

Melissa was born in 1979, with inspiration drawn from the feet of French Riviera fishermen; this idea gave origin to the brand and its footwear product. In little time, it caught on and became one of the most popular shoes around. In just the last decade, Melissa produced more than 32 million pairs of shoes and today is sold in more than 70 countries.

Covent Garden welcomed the Brazilian labels new Flagship Store into the Piazzas oldest building where art, design and fashion could live together under one roof. We looked to create extraordinariness, working with the in-house creative team and audio visual specialists, to elevate presentation so the store become a gallery and, like art, it is done purely to give the viewer pleasure or pause for thought.

What we did

  • 01/

    Identity Application

  • 02/

    Concept Design

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    Interior Development

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    Environmental Graphics