A completely new service and operational strategy



A Swiss based bakery and Caffe chain with strong customer recognition and loyalty since the 1980s Pouly decided that they needed to embrace a completely new way of operating in order to capture the hearts and minds of new consumers. Pouly approached Author after researching design agencies within the highly competitive UK grab ‘n’ go market.

Author have approached this project from the ground up; creating a completely new service and operational strategy based on our knowledge of best in class solutions within this marketplace. While retaining their Swiss based heritage we have created a completely new brand language and aesthetic that speaks to a contemporary customer while still retaining what is a conservative customer demographic in Switzerland.


What we did

  • 01/

    Concept Design

  • 02/

    Brand Identity

  • 03/

    Interior Development

  • 04/

    Architectural implementation

  • 05/

    Environmental Graphics

  • 06/

    Fixture design and development