The Grand Dame of Soho


Quo Vadis

Beyond the great edifice of Quo Vadis is a historic Soho restaurant and members club with a colourful past and timeless allure.

It’s head chef Jeremy Lee is something of an iconic figure in the world of British food and attributes Quo Vadis longevity to being “a restaurant with a club and bar and dining rooms, so we can be anything to anyone, right from the second we open for breakfast with the bakery.

No matter what you order, we’ve made it and its hopefully one of the most delicious things you’ll ever eat.” We were blessed to have had the opportunity to create the distinctive interiors for the Grand Dame of Soho with a legendary backstory, a reputation for excellent food and drink, uproarious company and serious enjoyment.

What we did

  • 01/

    Concept Design

  • 02/

    Interior Development

  • 03/

    Fixtures, Fittings & Furniture

  • 04/

    Architectural implementation

Other work