The Cream of British Cheese Makers


Fine Cheese Co.

Fine Cheese Co is bathed in history and pedigree with an extraordinary back-story that automatically makes the craft of cheese making authentic and genuine.

The link between the product and quality is so strong that we decided the two should live together more explicitly.

We looked to leverage the essence of the long established Bath Fromagerie, where the brand lives and breathes its products and capabilities, by showcasing products that stand for everything the brand believes in through their unique and extraordinary skills.

We created a Belgravia home for the brand, bringing together a subtle blend of classic and contemporary when styling the cheese and charcuterie counter, deli and café.

What we did

  • 01/

    Identity Application

  • 02/

    Concept Design

  • 03/

    Interior Development

  • 04/

    Environmental Graphics