Italian Street Food



Wolf was born from a passion for all things Italian and had created a new grab ‘n’ go category for the UK; Italian street food. With a commitment to the freshest ingredients all dishes are made from scratch on the premises. Wolf was founded by a young entrepreneurial team who had opened three sites across the UK and while trading successfully they understood that to grow significantly they needed to develop an environment that would have more impact with their target consumers, assist in conveying their offer quicker and be cost effective for a franchisee business model.

Author created a new model for Wolf that took their operating fundamentals and passion for freshness and layered a new aesthetic over the top. Menus and the fundamental food offer were elevated and writ large and our refined palate of Italian inspired finishes was specified to work within strict budget parameters.

At all stages of the project, designs were sense checked against target budgets and tailored to suit. With our knowledge of franchisee models, we knew that cost sensitivity and ultimately ease of build would be paramount in the minds of upcoming partners.

What we did

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    Interior Design

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    Furniture Design

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    Implementation and Project Management

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    Cost Management